New App Features #2

To give a bit of insight into new features on Availo, we’re going to start doing mini blog posts about the changes and the thinking behind them. This is our second big feature push, so let us know your thoughts by tweeting us at @AvailoHQ.

Search — 🔭

Our previous search system was more of a traditional ‘stick some words in the box and hit enter’ situation. However, it didn’t work that well as it only searched a freelancer’s skills tags e.g. If you were to search for an ‘UI Designer’ not ‘UI Design’, you would get a screen like this. Not ideal 🙁.

In an ideal world you could search for ‘Senior UI designer who can use sketch’, and you would be presented with top freelancers that fulfil your needs. Sadly, we currently have a small team with limited resources, so baking in a full elastic search system, that’s needed to do this, was something we simply didn’t have the time and budget to do.

So we’ve gone for a simpler solution. Clients can now filter/search using the core skill they need, e.g. ‘UI Design’, and anyone who has that in their skills list will be show in the results.

It’s not perfect, but it’s what clients have been asking for and it works insanely fast. Freelancers will still be listed in their proximity to the client, so make sure you occasionally update your location (we should probably do an occasional push notification to encourage this 😊). Oh and make sure your skills list is properly filled out as well!

It’s a work in progress, but after some testing, it’s proving to work better 👌.

Day Rates — 💷

Money matters to both clients and freelancers, so it was a slight oversight not to put this into an earlier release. But good news, you can now enter your day rate. This will only be shown when clients view your profile (other freelancers won’t be able to see your rate) so if you want, you can try and charge £2500 per day 🤔.

This should make it easier for clients to find a freelancer that is in their budget. Plus, we’ll be adding filtering options to the search results in the future, and day rates are likely to be one of these options. So remember to add in your day rate when you update the app.

Job Titles — 🎩

Right now, freelancers can put in any job title they like, and this can get a bit confusing at times. Especially with some of the extravagant designer types out there 🤓. This means clients really don’t know what that person does and it makes it pretty frustrating when scrolling through a long list.

We wanted to make it very easy for clients to find the right people and we noticed that lot of our freelancers were already doing this. Simply putting their level and main role as a job title. Mike is smart, be more like Mike.

So we basically went and mirrored this. Freelancers jump into their profile editing screen, select their level and role from two dropdowns, then we put them together to make your job title. It’s simple, clean and makes it super easy for clients to understand what a freelancer does. Plus it will also allow us to add these as filtering options in the future.

Other changes — 🛠

  • Plenty of bug fixes
  • Integrated 1Password support into the app
  • Improved UI for those rapping the old school iPhone 4's & 5's
  • We’ve added in toolsets so you can show off the software you use
  • You can set your day rate currency in the settings screen (hint, we’re USA and EU bound soon)
  • Colours are now prettier

Drop us your thoughts on twitter, and if you’re not on the app yet apply using the link below.


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