Availo is changing the way freelancers work

We notify freelancers of the best design jobs at startups, studios and global agencies, then let you talk to them directly - all within our app. There’s no middle man, no tiresome scrolling through job lists and no long waits for email responses. It's different.

*SF, NYC and other cities next


Instant communication

The whole team at Availo have all been freelancers before, so we know how annoying finding new work can be. We're getting rid of long job lists, scrapping the need to upload your full portfolio and ending the worry of inconsistent work. Our platform simply allows clients to directly message you with freelance openings.


Local work

Long commutes aren't fun and working with companies the other side of the planet isn't great for complex projects. That's why Availo only links you with potential clients in London. Grab a coffee together, chat through the project face-to-face, then get hired with a simple, instant, in-app payment. It's that easy.

Only the best

Most services require freelancers to enter a huge amount of information, upload work and get recommendations before getting work. That's why the best freelancers don't use these services. Our platform is effectively an accessible black book and communication platform, where all the top freelancers can be found easily.


One of the best founding teams you'll ever meet

Rob, Nick and another Nick have all been freelancers and hired many freelancers over the years, so we know exactly what the problem is and how to solve it. That's why we formed Availo, to make it easier for both clients and freelancers to find each other. Each of us have excelled in our own fields and are now coming together to make an awesome platform that thousands of people are desperate to use.

Rob Bye.png

Rob Bye
Founder & CEO
5+ years freelance experience

Previously co-founded morrama and in one year, with no investment, grew it into a company with a six figure turnover and a valuation of over £1.5M.

An award winning entrepreneur who has been featured in many publications. And he has worked with Virgin Media, Homeserve, Pernod Ricard and numerous startups around the world.


Nick Clement.png

Nick Clement
Founder & Lead Designer
8+ years freelance experience

Previously co-founded Glug, one of the biggest creative communities in Europe, with 20,000+ members and over 50 events a year globally.

An award winning creative director who has lead design teams at top tier companies with clients such as Sony, BBC, Microsoft, Imagination, IBM, Samsung, ITV, Audi, HSBC and many, many more.

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Nick Wood
Founder & Lead Developer
8+ years freelance experience

An outstanding developer who has worked with companies such as Nike, Adidas, Land Rover, Stella Artois and Wrangler. Nick is now heading up all our tech.

He has won 7 x FWA awards, 4 x Cannes Lions, 1 x The ONE Club, and 2 x App Design Awards for his work. He has also been featured on endless websites and is a very highly regarded developer.

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We are part of Seedcamp who are not only investing in Availo, but also helping us grow and expand rapidly. We currently work from their offices, located at Google Campus in London. Our early stage investors are Ken Costa, Hilary Russell & Claudia Costa. And our current advisors include individuals such as Arnie Sriskandarajah & Ari Helgasson. Many more casual and formal advisors have helped us on the way.


We work closely with Glug, the leading series of design events in the UK. They champion creatives as much as we do and have awesome talks from people such as Design Studio, Facebook, IDEO, Google & Uber. Check out when their next events are here.